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At the Vacform Group, we have completed many high-quality plastic thermo-formation projects, designed and manufactured to the exacting standards of the medical and healthcare sector.

Our design and manufacturing capability enables us to provide a full conception, tooling, manufacture and finishing service for plastic parts to meet clients’ exacting specifications.

Lightweight but also sturdy and depending on the raw material used, scratch-resistant; vacuum formed plastic is ideal for medical devices that see heavy usage such as seating, product casings, walking aids and medical handling trays. These materials are easy to maintain, clean and sanitise and in addition, can be constructed with antimicrobial-resistant properties, helping even further to protect healthcare workers and patients alike.

We can produce parts up to 2x1m in size and in a thickness up to 10mm, in a large selection of plastic materials. Vacuum forming is a cost-effective process, particularly for lower production run numbers.

Once complete, all projects are quality-checked to ensure that each part meets the ISO 9001 standard.

Please contact us via phone, email or the contact form on the homepage to discuss how the Vacform Group can help with your next medical or healthcare related project.